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Fox in A Box is a fun space created by 9 year old Bianca. Part of Ela & Glo's buying team, Bianca scouts the shows for the latest best products, and those end up featured in the Fox in A Box Collection, and in this blog, along with her adventures and likes. This is a blog written by a 9 year old kid, so pardon grammar mishaps. Enjoy!

Meet Candido, Our January Maileg Mouse of the Month!


Candido is our very first Maileg mouse of the month for 2016! He loves to ski and eat blue cheese. He would eat blue cheese all day long if he could... But momma mouse always gets in the way! Candi loves his Norwegian style sweater and hat. He loves them so much that he doesn't even take them off in the Summer. When Candi is not eating blue cheese, he is skiing on Mozzarella Mountain, flying off Mozzarella Lane. As Candido would say "Ciao Ragazzi."


CandidoMaileg Brown Metal Jet Set Suitcase & Bedding


Summer Vacation Blogging!



So Viewers, Want to hear about my Summer Vacation?

Great! (If you didn't then why did you start reading this?! XD LOL)

So this Summer I went to Venezuela, First with my Mother, Ela. We flew to Caracas And met our Grandmother Glo. We explored Caracas By going to the Marina Grande And many other Places, We stayed at the Hotel Mariott. When we went exploring more we found The "Rapper Birds". They have gotten their name because of their "$weggy Head Bobbing".

After being In Caracas for some few days Ela Took us on a Plane to Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela. After some time Ela left and Nina and I were only with our Venezuelan-Part of the Family. It was very different without both parents, But It was an amazing experience. No being told what to do, No rules, And FOOOOOOOOOD! Almost every day my sister and I went in the pool, Which was awesome! Also, sometimes we would go to our Cousins Y and J's Apartment to eat dinner and watch movies!

Though I knew little Spanish It was an Enjoyable Stay. For the last two weeks our Father Came to Venezuela It was very nice to finally Be able to Re-Unite with one of my Parents.

When it was time to leave with my Father We flew to Caracas and met Glo once again. We stayed at the same Mariott, About Seven hours later we woke up at 3.A.M. We went to the Airport waiting about four hours for a plane to Atlanta, Georgia. After that we waited several more hours for a plane to White Plains, NY, Where Ela came to get us. We were Finally home! And now Splatoon is my After-Life!



 Sorry to everyone that has been waiting for a new Blog Post. I had no time to Blog on my Vacation and I have been busy these "Past Few Days". But now I will try to make it up to you! P.S. SPLATOON=LIFE


Foxy gets a Make-Over!


Today I went to Ultima Thule, Westport! I hope you like this Hairstyle if you want you could go there sometime! Remember, The Fox in A Box Channels are coming soon!



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