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We are a stylish, warm hearted, and always fun online boutique featuring unique gifts for all ages, party supplies, and Maileg toys. A daughter & mother team, Ela & Glo shared a passion for beautifully designed, high quality goods, which made them perfect partners in crime. We carefully select every product, hand pack it as you order it, and send it promptly your way with love. Ela & Glo offers a curated array of little things to warm your heart and spread a little joy, one family at a time.

Your Style, Your Home, Your Beauty.
Ela and Glo Team

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted a little store.

I would design earrings, and play shop with my dolls. My mom Glo and I always loved fashion and accessories. I have the best memories from times when I was working with her at fairs, and trade shows, looking for the latest and greatest in the market for her to sell.

Love swayed me away and brought me to New York City, where I had the opportunity to attend Parsons School of Design. I loved every second! Then motherhood called, and kept me extremely, very busy for about 9 years, until I found my dream again. And that’s how Ela & Glo came about, and I am living, and loving every minute.

I attend most trade shows in NYC, and handpick every item on this site. With my experiences in mind, I buy unique goods of the best quality that in one way or another will enrich your life. I bring you products that my kids enjoy, and items that I love on, and around me.

I hope you enjoy Ela & Glo as much as we do.

I literally started it all. I am Ela's mom. We have always had a great relationship. Partners in crime, we have been working together for many years. My mom was a very talented source of inspiration for me. She was a clothing seamstress and designer from whom I inherited a passion for clothes, the art of cooking, and home décor. The best part of our everyday work is that we get to spread a little joy, one customer, one family, at a time.

I am the heart of our boutique in Venezuela, and hope that if you are ever in town you will come see us.

Ela & Glo Venezuela
CC Galeria Las Americas, PB
San Antonio de Los Altos,
Edo. Miranda, Venezuela
T 212 373 7308


'Sup I'm Bianca, creator of Fox in a Box. I love lime green, and I'm in the Academically Talented Program at school, I also play the violin. I'm obsessed with video games, YouTube, pasta, Pokémon, foxes, cats and wolves. I can't stand impersonators, pretending, dog lovers, and sometimes... family members.

I am Nina, AKA Random Illustrator.

I have created all the illustrations that you see on this site. I am also behind most of the creative writing on this page. I am on my way to middle school, and I am also in the Academically Talented Program. I LOVE to draw (kind of obvious, right?). My interests include: art (duh), parties, dancing, stuffed animals, & KAWAII!!! So reader-chan, thank you for reading about me. Did you read the whole thing?

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