Funny Farm Really Big Coloring Poster



This giant poster is the ultimate fun project for anyone who likes to color. Spread it on the floor or hang it on the wall and invite everyone to join in. This poster also makes a mega-awesome party project. It’s a great way to introduce art and encourage collaboration. It’s also just a good reason to shut off the TV, get creative and go crazy with color.


This is like no petting zoo we’ve ever seen! In a sprawling design that celebrates the absurd, you’ll find donkeys wearing top hats and kicks, pigs munching on pizza, dogs playing cards and cows skateboarding. Hours of fun for creatures great and small.


- 3+
- Size: 36”t x 63”w
- Printed with vegetable ink on recycled
  content paper
- To attach poster to the wall, please use
  painter’s tape
- Packaged in a beautifully designed box
- ILLUSTRATED BY: Greg Kletsel
- Made in USA
- By Pirasta


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