Hazel Village Gwendolyn Raccoon in WWF Carrot Blossoms Outfit



We are in love with the beautifully designed and crafted organic animals from Brooklyn based Hazel Village. Gwendolyn is a sweet gal, she comes wearing a unique WWF carrot blossoms outfit in the most perfect shade of yellow. She is also wearing a red bonnet. Gwendolyn loves dress up, consider getting her more outfits! All Hazel Village animals may share clothes. 

P.S. She also loves cats!

Gwendolyn comes to you in a reusable, very fragrant cotton bag packed with a lavender, mint sachet.



- Gwendolyn measures about 15"

- Made of gray organic cotton with a brushed 
  flannel texture, with black mask, tail
  stripes and a white snout

- Her eyes and nose are hand-stitched with
  cotton thread

- Stuffed with washable polyfill

- Removable outfit

- Hand wash, air dry

- Made in India

- By Hazel Village


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