Jess Brown + Atsuyo et Akiko Rag Doll, Pale Pink



Beautiful to play with and to display! No matter if you are 3, or 133, you will fall in love with these elegant, handmade rag dolls. They are made in California by Jess Brown, and styled by the cool gals from Brooklyn based Atsuyo et Akiko. Very much an East Coast/West Coast collaboration. These dolls will come to you wearing a gauze dress and a charm necklace by Atsuyo et Akiko.

The doll shown in the photo is an example; all dolls do not look exactly alike.



- 3+

- Made of cotton muslin or linen

- Stuffed with a sustainable corn 
  fiber stuffing

- Approximately 22"t

- Each doll is handmade and unique

- Hair color will vary depending on availability

- Includes undies, and Atsuyo et Akiko charm

- Made in the USA

- By Jess Brown and Atsuyo et Akiko


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